NetEnt Live Blackjack

November 10, 2015

Netent Black Jack

Netent Live Blackjack

From the date live casinos introduced in the gaming websites, NetEnt Live Casino Games found its place as a top wanted live casino game on all the gaming sites. Even among the Netent Live Casino Games, Live Blackjack has always been one of the most popular Live Casino games. Not only the simplicity and pace of the game lies behind this popularity, but also high-quality and usability of Netent Live Blackjack.

Black Jack is an old card game dates back to Don Quixote. It came to prominence at casinos of 18th century United States. The rules are simple and easy to grasp in a few minutes. Now, it is most played card game with poker, and it is the most popular casino game with roulette. This popularity also reflected to online casino games. With revolution of internet, people started to play Black Jack in online casino websites. Recently, we face with a newer revolution in the online casino industry: Live Casinos.

As the biggest online game provider, Netent was indifferent to the rise of live casinos and established Netent Live Casino games. Netent Live Blackjack is immediately added to the Netent Live casino games portfolio. By adaptive streaming quality, low latency, live beautiful dealers, you can get live casino experience even better than land-based casinos. Furthermore, Netent Live Blackjack comprises of many other innovative features such as on-screen table stats. Besides, you can play Netent live casino games with your smartphone/tablet by installing Netent Touch app. All you need is an internet connection and a Live Casino account. You can enjoy playing Live Black Jack and chatting with the Live croupier girls from the comfort of your home.

How to play Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a really simple card game. You play against the dealer. The main objective of the game is to have a hand as closer to “21”, the Blackjack, without exceeding it. If neither you nor the dealer is closer to blackjack, it is a draw, “push”.

So, here is how it is played. At the beginning of the game, you make an initial bet. After the initial bet, the dealer delivers you 2 cards. Both cards are open and anybody can see. No mystery! If you already have Blackjack, you can buy insurance from the dealer. So, even if the dealer has a blackjack afterwards, you win the round. But the mystery comes when the dealer deals the her cards. One card is open and the other card is closed. First, the dealer checks her cards if the cards of the dealer has the blackjack, “21”. If so, the game finishes before starting and the dealer wins if you don’t have the blackjack. After the cards are dealt initially, you can see only one card of the dealer and make a guess for the possible outcomes.

At this stage, you have 5 options:

  1. Hit: to request one more card,
  2. Stand: accept the cards in your hand for the final comparison.
  3. Split: to split the cards, give them equal bets and request for new cards for them separately.
  4. Double: doubles the bet and take only one card.
  5. Surrender: early surrender and you can take back 50% of your bet (this option may seem stupid, but it gives huge advantage to the players who know when to use it.).

You can request as many cards as you wish, unless you exceed 21 and get “busted”. When you settle with your hand and ready for the comparison with the dealer, the dealer starts to open her cards. The dealer follows a simple procedure. She has to hit before her hand reaches 17. If the cards of  the dealer is equal or greater than 17, she stands. So, there is no other special strategy against the player which the dealer has. The rules are already established. The side which is closer to but not greater than “21”, or the Blackjack, wins. The rate of payoff is basically 1:1.

NetEnt Live Blackjack
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